The Italian smart home market grows by 40%


According to the Internet of Things Observatory (Politecnico di Milano), the Italian smart home market continues to grow, reaching a value of 530 million euros in 2019, with an increase of 40% compared to 2018, driven by security solutions, smart home speakers and household appliances that together cover over 60% of the market. The growth trend is comparable to that of the main European countries, although the gap to be bridged is still large compared to Germany (2.5 billion euros), the United Kingdom (2.5 billion euros) or France (1.1 billion euros). Security solutions are confirmed in the first place in terms of market shares, with a value of 150 million euros, equal to 28% of the market (+15% in 2019). In the second place, the smart home speakers reached 95 million euros, equal to 18% of the market (+58%): in 2019 they continued to drive the sales of the other IoT devices for the smart home. Also the household appliances are growing, which are worth 85 million euros and 16% of the market (+55%). Boilers, thermostats and air conditioners for the management of heating and air conditioning follow with an overall value of 65 million euros (12% of the market, +44%), benefiting from the progressive integration with the vocal assistants, the offer of services related to the maintenance and the possibility of increasing energy savings and comfort. Finally there are the audio speakers (50 million euros, 9%) and the connected bulbs (35 million euros, 7%).