Component industry companies and the emergency management / SIFIM


Sifim, specialized in the production of metallic filters and in the implementation of high-quality metallic aesthetical components, operates in the world of components for both the household appliance industry and the medical one.

This second branch of the production has never stopped, as Stefano Sopranzetti, Sales & Marketing Manager of Sifim, told us. “We have some customers in the manufacturing chain of products for hospitals and then we can work. We operate at lower rates and we have implemented all indications prescribed by the decrees about distances and sanitization of spaces, but we are working. Besides, we perceive that demands from medical are even growing. We hope we soon will be allowed restarting with all processes, because several of our customers abroad are operating.”Sifim, in fact, relies on a very relevant share of job orders coming from abroad, by about 70%, and in many situations the limitations have been neatly different from those that have concerned Italy, as Sopranzetti explains:

“Companies in Turkey have never locked down, in Holland – although not at full rate – manufacturing went on. Concerning this, the decree that has allowed us to ship stocked up goods has been useful because this modality permitted us to fulfil partly the job orders from some foreign customers.” What about household appliances? Neither in this case the panorama is homogeneous. “While all manufacturing Groups stopped – Sopranzetti specifies – some smaller realities went on and go on working”. 

At present, we can hardly have a vision of what will happen next months but Stefano Sopranzetti believes that to understand the real future impact of this crisis we need that consumptions recover, together with productions. “If all activities do not start again, we all will live a significant slowdown” Sopranzetti affirms, explaining with a practical example: “If we restart producing for Ikea, it is essential that Ikea opens again and can restart its activity!”

Sifim waits for the production recovery, aware that these months will register negative turnovers, in evident countertendency with a year start that instead achieved very good figures for Sifim. Basically, they rely anyway on the awareness that the strong presence on foreign markets can be a boost to face this extraordinary complex time, as Sopranzetti confirms: “The presence of so many customers outside Italy has allowed us to overcome periods of ups and downs, attaining positive results.” 


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