Bosch technologies for sanitation


In this period of Coronavirus emergency, there is an increased focus on the sanitation of clothes and surfaces. Bosch appliances are equipped with innovative technological solutions such as the active oxygen of the ActiveOxygen washing machines: it eliminates germs and bacteria from clothing because it pre-treats the laundry at the beginning of the washing cycle and again before the final rinse. And it ensures the hygiene of the garments, even the most delicate, already at 20°C.
Besides, the special AllergyPlus program is present in almost all Bosch washing machines and in the new top-of-the-range AutoClean dryers. As for the washer-dryers, the HygieneCare program pre-heats the dry clothes up to 70°C, eliminating bacteria and allergens from even the most delicate fabrics. In the dishwashers, the Active Purity Plus function increases the hygiene level of the dishes thanks to a higher temperature that is kept longer, while the Hygiene program is present in the TDS6080 and TDS8080 ironing systems. Finally, as regards to the surfaces cleaning, the Bosch ProHygienic vacuum cleaner with UltraAllergy filter offers triple protection by removing allergens, micro dust particles and bacteria. And the Cartridge filter with Pure Air membrane and the Hygienic filter of the new Bosch Unlimited 8 Series rechargeable handstick vacuum cleaners make the outlet air from the devices cleaner than that of the surrounding environment.