CookAssist, new smart assistance system by Miele


With CookAssist, Miele makes frying easier because the app guides the user through the entire process step-by-step. The smart assistance system can be used on all current KM 7000 induction hobs with the TempControl function. CookAssist is a new function in the Miele@mobile app. From a smartphone or tablet, it provides users with step-by-step instructions and helpful photos to guide them. Following a graphic, they can ensure that the pan is heated to the precise temperature their dish requires. The intelligent TempControl sensor in the hob detects the temperature of the cookware and automatically keeps the pan at the right temperature, so there’s no longer any need to make constant adjustments or worry about the food burning. As soon as the temperature required to start cooking has been reached, the user is prompted to place the food in the pan. The app then provides a helping hand through every stage of the recipe – right up until the dish is ready to serve. For example, it tells the user when it is the right time to turn the salmon or steak. Apart from induction cookware, no special accessories are required. It is already possible to cook 15 dishes using CookAssist and further recipes are being developed in cooperation with KptnCook. The Miele induction hobs with TempControl also come with a simmer setting so that dishes can continue to be cooked evenly at low heat, for example when reducing sauces. A further feature is the “Keeping warm plus” function which gently cooks food or keeps it warm. In addition, every TempControl hob has a PowerFlex cooking area which can be adapted to suit every cooking situation. Two individual zones can be combined either to form an extended rectangular zone or a large round cooking zone. The powerful TwinBooster with a maximum output of 7.3 kW provides additional speed. Just like all Miele’s network-enabled hobs, the new TempControl models feature the Con@ctivity function in which the hob automatically controls the cooker hood.


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