Fifth edition of Smart Label

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Smart Label – Host Innovation Award is the recognition dedicated to innovation in the field of professional hospitality promoted by Host – Fiera Milano, in partnership with and sponsored by ADI, Association for Industrial Design. Now in its fifth edition, the competition is aimed at all companies registered in HostMilano 2021, which will present the latest news in terms of equipment, raw materials, gears and semi-finished products. More than 50 companies awarded during the last edition, selected from three different categories: Innovation Smart Label, dedicated to products with a high innovation content, Green Smart Label, the award for products that stand out for innovation compared to industry trend in reference to energy saving, and the Smart Label recognition dedicated to products capable of determining significant evolutions in the reference sectors. Until April 30, 2021, companies registered at Host Milano 2021 will be able to submit the application for their own product or project under construction. A Commission composed of 5 members (selected from professors, professionals and international experts, with proven experience or qualification in the field of design, hospitality and energy saving) will evaluate the candidate products/services/projects on the basis of the following fundamental elements: the efficiency of the product or service functions, the effectiveness of the performance of the product or the usability of the service, the innovativeness of the methods of use and technologies, and the benefits for users.


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