GfK: latest trends of the Tech markets in Italy


During the web conference “Signals from the noise”, organized by GfK Italy, Fabrizio Marazzi (Solution Lead, Market Insights) presented the latest trends of the technical consumers goods in Italy. “After the slowdown during the lockdown and the Revenge spending recorded with the reopening – explained Marazzi – the market has stabilized in the recent months, remaining however in the positive area. There are 3 areas that have been driving sales of Tech products: Smart working and Distance learning (this area is driving sales of IT and Office products); Cooking and Wellness, with the strong growth of devices for food preparation and for managing the beauty routine at home; Entertainment to be enjoyed comfortably at home. What will happen in the coming months? Surely the last quarter is the most important for the Tech market and it will be interesting to understand if some of the growth trends we have observed in this phase will be able to close the year with a positive sign”. In addition, Marco Pellizzoni (Commercial Lead Consumer Panels) underlined how some trends that emerged during the Covid-19 emergency have become part of the habits of the Italians. “Many of the growth drivers that we had identified during the lockdown – he said – continue to remain in this phase and will probably also affect the next few months – such as disinfection, personal care, the desire to experiment in the kitchen or the tendency to recreate at home social rituals such as the aperitif. Italian shoppers show that they are buying new categories, expressing new needs, for which the product innovation conceived before the pandemic may no longer be effective. Well-being, authenticity and sustainability will be among the most important growth vectors for the next few months and companies will have to demonstrate proximity to the consumers, through innovations and communications in line with the changes in demand”.