Okida’s technology for the oven


At a time when the kitchen is playing an increasingly central role in people’s lives, technology can simplify many operations. The solutions of Okida, a Turkish brand acquired by the Italian multinational Sabaf, also include components that are used in the ovens. Okida offers technological timers that allow user to control the main functions (time, duration and end of cooking) not only with LCD, LED or TFT displays, with mechanical buttons or with touch systems, but also through Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi systems that ensure the remote control of the appliance and the possibility to update the software. Other more sophisticated models have the possibility of using a sensor for detecting the temperature in the center of the food (meat probe). From an aesthetic point of view, these products are customizable with regard to the icons of the functions, the background colors, the manufacturer’s logo and can even contain a digital recipe book. Furthermore, thanks to electronic control systems and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology for the remote control, the interaction with other household appliances is possible, for example by adjusting the different functions of the hood such as power, lights, etc.


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