Bosch technologies for small domestic appliances

ErgoMixx MS6CB61V1 with Fresh Vacuum system

Bosch small kitchen appliances feature technologies developed to make food preparation quick and easy, while also avoiding waste. For example, the OptiMUM MUM9AX5S00 kitchen machine is equipped with a powerful 1,500 Watt motor and an extra large 5.5 liter stainless steel bowl, designed with a special shape for optimal dough preparation. The 3D planetary movement ensures fast and ideal processing of ingredients, while the integrated scale allows user to weigh ingredients directly into the bowl. Moreover, thanks to the integrated timer, user can just set the working time for each recipe and OptiMUM stops automatically when the time expires. Furthermore, among the latest proposals, the hand blender ErgoMixx MS6CB61V1 and the hand mixer ErgoMixx MFQ364V0 are both equipped with the Fresh Vacuum system to keep food fresh longer. User can simply connect the vacuum accessory to the appliance and preserve fresh food, leftovers or snacks in the vacuum container and practical airtight zip bags.