Comestero Sistemi: 3D rapid prototyping service


The benefits of the 3D rapid prototyping are several: it enables parts to be manufactured on-demand in smaller volumes and quickly. In particular, during the design phase, it allows to create, test and refine every single component, optimizing costs and allowing a faster time-to-market. Modern printers make it possible to create resistant products, made with certified resins that allow them to be used directly on an industrial level or for preliminary tests. “The use of 3D printing in the design process of all Comestero Sistemi Group companies is now automated and is constantly used to create new products to be placed on the market with our brand or on commission from our customers – Comestero Sistemi explains – . Our experience and the machinery available allow us to create a finished product starting from simple 3D models. Or create a 3D modeling starting from the idea of the customer, with the support and assistance of our engineers. In particular, the use of advanced Stratasys materials with FDM technology allows to build robust parts, resistant over time, precise and that allow the required repeatability and stability. They are also able to meet the most stringent certification standards and pass the most stringent tests”. The internal laboratory of the Comestero Sistemi Group is equipped with Stratasys F170 and Formlabs Form2 printers. The team of engineers and specialist technicians also offers support for the design and identification of materials as well as in-depth and structural FEM/CFD analyzes.


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