H-PURIFIER protagonist of the #Purelife campaign


The H-PURIFIER range of air purifiers is Hoover‘s answer to the need of indoor air quality. The company recently launched the #Purelife campaign dedicated to these products: the communication initiative starts from the desire to speak in a simple and intuitive way about pollution and indoor air quality. #Purelife is developed on Hoover’s social networks and on the testimonials’ profiles (Martina Colombari, Maddalena Corvaglia, Simone Rugiati, Elena Santarelli, Melissa Satta and The Pozzoli Family). In addition to these contents, Hoover has developed a 360° digital strategy that includes the creation of a specific social editorial plan, supported in turn by a display, RTB video and SEM campaign. A special promotion and a contest complete the campaign. “With #Purelife, Hoover wants to help find balance and serenity in the spaces we live in and show how with simplicity we can improve the indoor air quality – underlines Sabrina Zara, Marketing Director Italy of Haier Europe -. We aim to reach both the ‘Quality Seekers’, who are looking for high-performance products with intelligent solutions, and the ‘Home Sweet Home’ people, who place family and home at the center of their lifestyle. The campaign was created to raise awareness and tell in an engaging and empathic way the need to reduce indoor pollutants, pollens and allergens, through a series of snapshots of our Ambassadors, who will tell the versatility of H-PURIFIER and how it adapts to everyday life”. Available in three models (H-PURIFIER 300, 500 and 700), the range has among its main strengths the accurate level of air quality monitoring, a 3-level filtering system and the ability to generate a constant and 360° air flow, able to purify the home environment quickly. Besides, the range guarantees a constant updating of the internal and external detection data thanks to the sensors and the app, to guarantee the best performance and automatically activate the product in the event of critical levels of dust, pollen and allergens. H-PURIFIER can be activated, managed and monitored remotely through the App hOn.