Tecnogomma: sealing solutions for water, gas and food sectors


tecnogommaTecnogomma tends to specialise for more than 50 years in the world of drinking water, gas and food sectors, studying the materials and the conditions of use. It invests resources in acquiring the necessary know-how to become a reference producer and obtains & maintains the main worldwide compounds’ approvals on the used materials (UBA, W270, W534, WRAS, NSF 51&61, ACS/CLP, KIWA, EN 681-1, FDA, 3-A Sanitary Standard, BFR, DM 21/03/1973, EN 549, EN 682).  Download Tecnogomma approval material list with details.

Among materials it is important in particular to mention peroxide EPDM compounds under the registered trademark TIMO® (Tecnogomma International Mescole Omologate) which the company was the first to begin to transform and use it in Northern Italy.

The Series TIMO are used for their reliability in the drinking water, gas and food market and ensure excellent characteristics as compression set, elongation and tensile strength. Other compounds for these sectors are NBR, HNBR, VMQ (solid silicone), FVMQ, LSR (liquid silicone rubber) and FKM.

In addition to continuous research of more performing and innovative materials, the internation production capacity is continuously expanding to keep under control all the production process stages with the best technologies available. For this purpose, the surface treatments department extends to reach the dimension of 500 sq.mt, where PFTE semipermanent coating are made inside the company with trademark TIMOFILM® which keep unchanged the approvals of the materials and speed up the automatic use during assembling, reducing friction.

“Pursuing excellence in quality standards – the company explains – allows us to successfully compete in all the world’s important markets with attention to every detail and to current and future needs of the different markets, adapting our standards to international decrees and not least adopting a virtuous management of production processes and food packaging. Among the main articles realized by Tecnogomma are O-ring, washers, collars, membranes, frames and custom tech parts also with complex geometry or over-moulding.