The four special finishes of Bertazzoni

Modern Series

Bertazzoni realizes four special finishes inspired by the excellence of the Italian industrial and handcrafted tradition: metallic finishes, Automotive paints, enameled finishes and embossed paints. Bertazzoni’s metallic finishes are applied to the decorative elements of the Modern Series built-in ovens. The frames are initially treated with a primer, on which copper or zinc powders are applied which complete the oxidation cycle in 72 hours. Sanding, sponging and the final protective treatment guarantee a perfect matt finish. “Since every aspect of the process is carried out manually, following traditional methods, no two ovens are exactly alike – explains Valentina Bertazzoni, Head of Style and Communication at Bertazzoni -. They are unique as works of art, which show all the skill and expertise of those who created them”.

Instead, for the freestanding cookers and the ovens of the Professional Series, a special painting is available using the same process created for the Italian luxury sports cars. The Automotive paints have a palette made up of bright and classic colors, in a glossy or matt finish. The Carbon color of the Bertazzoni ovens is an intense matt black color and is the result of a process consisting of 7 phases and 5 layers of treatments. The ovens with this finish are equipped with knobs and handles in titanium color, a metallic finish that creates a tone-on-tone effect and gives the oven a “total black” look. The color palette proposed in the special finishes of the Professional Series allows to create an elegant kitchen environment, without sacrificing professional performance. The monobloc cookers are available in the Orange, Red, Yellow, White, Black or Wine colors. The built-in ovens can be combined in the Carbon or steel variant with the hobs of the same series. The hobs of different sizes are also available in glass with titanium colored knobs.

Heritage Series

As for the Heritage Series, it is inspired by the wood-burning stoves that Antonio and Napoleone Bertazzoni built in the 1930s; already in that period the enamelling process made the first cookers unique objects. “The Nero Décor finish is the result of a research carried out on historical products and, among these, also the first Bertazzoni stoves and cookers – says Alex Terzariol, Designer and General Manager at MMDesign, who dealt with the stylistic part of this project -. It is very special and makes the Heritage Series ovens prestigious. It is a very well known process in the last century and almost forgotten today, made possible by a mixture of tiny aluminum particles immersed in color with the aim of protecting from possible scratches and abrasions. At the same time they create a reflective surface giving the product a unique image, thanks to the metal microspheres that stand out for their brightness”. For the ovens of the Heritage Series, it is also possible to opt for an Ivory enamel or for the Matt Black, and choose between the captivating frames in stainless steel or copper. Heritage Series hobs and hoods are available in Ivory or Matt Black, with chrome or copper details.

Master Series

Finally, “for the realization of the embossed paints – explains Giuliano Anversa of the Bertazzoni R&D department – pigmented powders are used, obtained from resins and other materials, applied electrostatically and polymerized at very high temperatures. Once heated, they are distributed forming a sort of film, for an exceptionally resistant finish, much more than the traditional paint”. Bertazzoni uses this process for the finish of the Master and Heritage cookers, available in three opaque colors: Black, Cream and Wine.


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