Rold presents its new solution for multidosing systems

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Rold expands its product range and offers on the market its new solution for multidosing systems inside household appliances

Italian quality, international mindset
Rold, with headquarter and manufacturing facilities in Milano area, is a recognized worldwide player in mechatronics components and a leading company in the production of innovative and technological systems for domestic and professional appliances: washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, ovens.
From more than 50 years, Rold develops advanced solutions for the most important brands worldwide for the Future of Things.

Smarter living is the goal of R-Lab
Rold is constantly looking for what “still does not exist”: combining the best materials, developing the creative design of cutting-edge solutions and realizing them through the new driving force of open innovation. Nowadays the applied research is supported by R-Lab, the multidisciplinary laboratory ranging from Advanced Mechatronics to Human Machine Interactions, from Applications & Smart Devices to Advanced Materials.

Research in the production field has allowed ROLD to be the holder of some important patents, which over the years have contributed in strengthening and consolidating the company’s reputation and its commitment.

ROLD is also recognized for its quick study of new solutions and new products, studied and optimized upon demand: customization is the bearing pillar in the management of the relationships with customers.

rold advertorialBeyond mechatronics
Alongside this, Rold has started a digital transformation journey, which resulted in the birth of the Industrial division, offering to the market the innovative platform for Industry 4.0 SmartFab, enabling the Industry IoT for intelligent plants. Thanks to this strict control on our production processes, machine performances have been improved and optimized, so to be qualified as a most reliable and flexible partner.
In Rold we work hard to enable the potential of Home, Professional and Industrial devices for a smarter living.

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