The technologies of Bertazzoni ovens for steam cooking

Professional Series in the Carbon color.

Bertazzoni Total Steam ovens allow benefiting from a healthy diet without quitting taste or spending a lot of time cooking. It is possible to choose the Total Steam function in order to have a pure vapour cooking system or the Steam Assistant function that combines steam injections with traditional cooking functions. Using pure vapour, it is proven that steam cooking functions help retain more nutrients sensitive to higher temperatures that are lost using traditional cooking systems. The Pure steaming function is available for Bertazzoni’s Total Steam ovens in full size 60×60 cm or compact 60×45 cm versions. Besides, Steam Assist offers three different steam intensity levels according to traditional cooking methods. During aired or grill cooking methods, it is possible to programme steam injections at these intensities: 25%, 50% and 75%. This allows to obtain the perfect textures in Baking and Roasting: meat, fish and focaccia crunchy outside and moist inside. Steam Assist cooking is available in full size 60×60 cm or compact 60×45 cm versions.
Bertazzoni Total steam ovens have 11 functions easy to control and monitor with metal or metal titanium knobs and/or a clear TFT high-resolution display. It also makes managing the food probe and Bertazzoni Assistant, a digital chef who manages and monitors cooking to guarantee a flawless result. It is possible to achieve perfect baking results thanks to Bertazonni Assistant, a self-sufficient digital option that automatically follows cooking and baking functions, temperatures, and timing, allowing to obtain perfect cakes and roasted food crispy on the outside and retain moisture inside. This is possible due to the digital sensor-controlled cooking process, with sensors located throughout the cavity that precisely monitor food temperature probe for cooking accuracy. Thanks to the intuitive control panel including the TFT touch display, and traditional thermometer, temperature adjustments are precise, instantaneous, and easy to manage. Moreover, the oven switches off automatically at the end of the baking time.
In addition, the Proofing function uses steam and must be set to prove the dough, by placing the dough inside the oven when still cold to avoid temperature bumps. For a classic pizza lovers with a thin and crispy crust, it is possible to choose the Turbo function, combining high temperatures, heat from the bottom, and uniform airflow that allow the dough to cook quickly. For the ones who prefer a thick crust pizza, it is possible to choose the Steam Assist function, ideal for proofed doughs thanks to steam injections combined with traditional cooking methods, creating the perfect level of humidity within the oven cavity. For this type of pizza, the convection bake should be selected and the steam will delay the formation of the crust allowing the dough to rise. The new Bertazzoni Total Steam ovens are declined in three different series: Professional (F6011PROVPTN), Modern (F6011MODVPTC) and (F6011HERVPTAC).


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