DryDrop system in the Baraldi hoods to prevent condensation

Barladi Profile hood with DryDrop system.

The DryDrop system, developed by Baraldi, prevent the condensation and the falling of water droplets from the hood, when this appliance is used with an induction hob. Thanks to a new controlled thermal system, the lower panel of the hood heats up sufficiently, preventing that the steam of the pots creates condensation. A spongy filter collects the aspirated fumes and vapors, blocking the residual condensate which, even if it falls back, is collected by an internal tray to the hood. The bottom of this compartment is in turn heated and evaporates any residual water. “No cup or container to disassemble or empty, no cap to remove, the system automatically blocks the condensation process and evaporates every drop of water inside – the company says -. The function can be activated whenever necessary and turns off automatically thanks to a timer”.


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