Elica tells the new habits of living

NikolaTesla Libra

Elica, through its Research and Development center, analyzes the latest trends and new data on living and food every year, through the analysis of the main international market research. As reported by the company, the home has returned to the center of the Italian priorities as confirmed by the research “The new beginning for Italy and the Italians” conducted by Nomisma for COOP. According to the data, 46% of respondents said they want to renovate their homes and furnishings, transforming them into increasingly technological places and making their home modern, efficient and sustainable. Again Nomisma in the research “The year to come” (2021) confirms that 35% of Italians will dedicate more time to dinners at home with friends, 27% with the family and 23% to DIY. Another trend is that people cook more, experimenting with new recipes and tips. People’s habits are shifting more and more towards a healthy and sustainable diet, facilitated by the use of appliances that make cooking simple and fit perfectly into the kitchen environment. Elica responds to the needs of performance, ease of use and style with the NikolaTesla line, which includes the NikolaTesla Fit hob with integrated hood (suitable also for compact spaces), NikolaTesla Switch (the extractor is hidden inside of the hob and can be activated with a simple gesture) and NikolaTesla Libra (the hob with integrated hood and scale). To these products are added NikolaTesla Flame (gas hob with integrated extraction system), NikolaTesla Prime (extraction hob with cast iron grille in the center) and NikolaTesla One (winner of the Compasso d’Oro award).