Haier, partner of the Milan Wine Week


Haier is among the partners of the Milan Wine Week, an event dedicated to the wine lovers. During the MWW, Haier will showcase its offer of wine cellars, with a new range of fully connected products, and the opportunities of the hOn app. Connectivity blends perfectly with technology and innovation in the new Series 7 Wine Bank range, characterized by the perfect level of humidity thanks to sensors positioned inside, by the possibility of keeping separate the two compartments of the appliance and by an activated carbon filter which guarantees that the air inside the product is purified. To complete this experience, Haier has created, through the hOn app, the first virtual wine cellar: once the information of the wines purchased has been acquired through a scan of the label, it will be sufficient to interact with the app to have a constantly updated inventory of the wines, starting from which the hOn app – thanks to the artificial intelligence – will be able to suggest a series of possible combinations with food.