Dyson: new hair tool for Supersonic


Dyson created a new hair attachment for the Supersonic hair dryer, equipping stylers with a solution to smooth stray strands without extreme heat. “The new Flyaway attachment – the company explains – harnesses the Coanda effect – a phenomenon first engineered for styling within the Dyson Airwrap styler – to attract and lift longer hairs to the front, while pushing flyaways through the tress and out of sight. Hiding flyaways increases strand alignment and enhances natural shine. Dyson engineers have mechanised a professional stylists’ technique to smooth frustrating flyaways, without extreme heat. Dyson engineers gathered in excess of 1.14 billion individual pieces of professional styling data, captured from over 10,000 hours of professional stylist trials, observing more than 420 stylists across 80 salons around the world. While stylists were observed using a round brush and blow dryer to smooth stray hairs, self-stylers seeking that same salon standard sleek finish were found to turn to high heat solutions after styling, such as straighteners with fixed plates. This final pass exposes the hair to unnecessary additional heat, increasing the risk of preventable damage – damaged hair is weaker and more prone to breakage, which can perpetuate the prevalence of further flyaways”. Engineers tested a range of angles before reaching the optimum semi-circular curve that gives the Flyaway attachment its distinct shape. Early prototypes feature a closed circular loop, yet through further testing, engineers identified the bottom of the circle to be superfluous. “Dyson’s lean engineering philosophy fuelled further iterations to remove surplus material, without impacting performance – the company adds -. The Dyson Supersonic Flyaway attachment is a unique form. Dyson has a heritage of changing the shape of convention, spearheaded by the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, a tool engineered to deliver a spectrum of styles across different hair types, without extreme heat”.


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