ARC: burners for professional and domestic cooking

Series 12 Epicure burner

The Series 12 Epicure burners, realized by ARC, part of the Sabaf Group, are designed to be applied in professional, semi-professional and domestic cooking appliances. Thanks to the horizontal venturi, the product is able to be inserted in small spaces, thus allowing its installation even in built-in hobs. The materials used for the construction of this series are cast iron, for the burner body, and brass, for the flamespreader. The power varies depending on the size but in any case a very high efficiency and high performance are guaranteed. The aesthetics is elegant and offer the possibility of customization. Epicure is also for the professional channel with the version with vertical venturi.

Series 41 HE burner

Besides, the Series 41 HE burners can be applied in professional, semi-professional and domestic appliances. Made entirely of brass, they are suitable for intense and long-lasting use. Elegant in the shape, these burners generate a double round of overlapping flames, which favor the heat concentration in the center of the pot, thus allowing for greater efficiency. The burners are available in different sizes and powers.

Series 103 burner

Finally, the company proposes the Series 103 burners for professional appliances. The high resistant materials (cast iron and brass) make them suitable for an intense use. They deliver high power and their high efficiency reduces the gas consumption. Developed for direct mounting on the worktop, they simplify the installation and facilitate the cleaning operations ensuring maximum hygiene.