Electrolux: the most automated factory of the Group has been inaugurated in Italy


Electrolux recently inaugurated its new factory in Susegana (Italy) which will produce built-in refrigerators using the most modern Industry 4.0 technologies. It required an investment of over 130 million euros and 134 new hires. The new factory, called “Genesi”, covers an area of 42,000 square meters and houses 1.2 km of assembly lines, equipped with over 6,000 sensors and 116 robots. “Genesi is part of a transformation program that the company has undertaken on a global level and is part of its Digital Transformation strategy. This new plant represents the window on the future of our innovative and sustainable way of producing, of responding to the demand of consumers and market, and of enabling working synergies between people and machines designed to facilitate the work”, says Massimiliano Ranieri, Chief Executive Officer of Electrolux Italia and Chief Operations Officer of the Electrolux Business Area Europe.