Electrolux: collaboration with IAAD


Electrolux has partnered with the prestigious Italian university IAAD (Institute of Applied Art and Design), inviting students to create innovative new product concepts to answer the question: how can we shape a future where people choose to eat sustainably? “This is the first partnership with the IAAD which kicked off earlier this year with a brief to around 50 students from the Bachelor’s in Product Design program who have been working on their projects with members from Electrolux Design, R&D and the Advanced Development team – the company explains -. The students presented their concepts at IAAD in Bologna. The winning concept, selected from 12, is an appliance that uses leftovers to provide new culinary experiences and this idea will be further evaluated by the Advanced Development Team. One student will also join Electrolux as an intern to work on their concept at our facility in Forlí, Italy”. Other student teams came up with concepts including: an induction hob with a modern and stylish extraction unit, a smart countertop that features refrigerating compartments, a fridge that uses 50% less energy, a combined appliance that minimizes the use of water, and even a way to prepare insect-based foods.