Nominations announced for Interclean’s Amsterdam Innovation Award 2022


An independent jury selected the 12 nominees for Interclean’s Amsterdam Innovation Award from 78 submissions in 4 categories (Sustainability & Environment, Smart Technologies & Digitalisation, Workforce & Ergonomics, Health & Hygiene). Interclean is the international trade show for the cleaning industry, organized at RAI Amsterdam from 10 May to 13 May. “So many of the products we have seen have been designed with sustainability in mind – Michelle Marshall, AIA jury president, says -and we particularly noticed an increased awareness around the use of plastics – where they are sourced, how they have been produced and how they fit into the circular economy. We must also mention ‘smart’ solutions of course, as there are now so many innovations incorporating digital technology in all its forms, and we saw interesting developments there. In any cleaning operation however, people will continue to play a vital role so we were pleased to see the continuing development of more ergonomic, user-friendly manual tools that make the everyday cleaning jobs more manageable”. It is possible to vote for the Visitors’ Choice on the Interclean Amsterdam website from the beginning of April onwards. The category winners and the overall winner of the Amsterdam Innovation Award are to be announced on 10 May.

Here are the nominations:
Sustainability & Environment
-Maya Professional Tools, EVERSEA Multipurpose Cloth – made with 30% Seaqual Yarn by processing PET from plastic bottles collected from coasts, beaches, seas and rivers.

-Tork, an Essity brand, Tork Biobased Heavy-Duty Cleaning Cloth – helps to lower the consumption of fossil-based materials, while improving cleaning efficiency.

-Spectro, Ecodos Dosage Bottle – a dosage bottle of which 100% is made using the world’s first closed recycling cycle of plastic packaging in the cleaning industry.

Smart Technologies & Digitalisation
-FHP Vileda SCS, Swep Evidence System D – an advanced cleaning system which allows faster, more sustainable cleaning and, at the same time, indicates when the job has been done.

-Lionsbot International, CubScrub – a cleaner’s personal robot assistant which anyone can use anywhere.

-Gaussian Robotics, Gaussian Scrubber 50 Pro – an AI-integrated commercial cleaning robot that supports automatic scrubbing, sweeping, mopping and sanitizing.

Workforce & Ergonomics
-Kärcher, BVL 5/1 Bp – the new BVL 5/1 Bp battery-operated ergonomic backpack vacuum cleaner made of innovative and ultralight EPP material.

-RCM, Nexbot – an autonomous scrubber made to clean large spaces quickly with minimum environmental impact and increase cleaning profitability.

-Arcora International, Arcora Pu-Pad Light – a floor cleaning pad for all water-resistant surfaces with an area coverage of 80,000 m².

Health & Hygiene
-Alani Higiene Profesional, Coreless Centre Pull Paper Towel in Tad – a paper towel on a roll with consumption control and waste reduction.

-Consensus Group, EnozoPRO – a spray bottle that turns tap water directly into aqueous ozone. It is non-toxic, sustainable, eco-friendly and contains no fragrances or dyes.

-AR-CO Chimica, Aladin GT5 – the Aladin system is an automatic distributor of super concentrated products, providing ready-to-use solutions in the right quantities.