Gianfranco Calice, new Country Manager Italy of Hitachi Cooling & Heating


Gianfranco Calice has recently taken on the position of Country Manager Italy at Hitachi Cooling & Heating. He has an experience of over twenty years in reality as York International, Emerson, Climaveneta and LG. As part of his new role, the focus is on sustainability, innovation and design. “We always look forward – explained Gianfranco Calice -. We are therefore extremely sensitive to the environmental issues, an attention supported by our investments in cutting-edge technologies in order to produce air conditioning systems that allow maximum energy savings”. Hitachi Cooling & Heating, which has already started the Zero Waste to Landfill project to eliminate the waste produced during the air conditioners production, aims to reach the zero emissions target set by the European Union for 2050. Calice’s new assignment also concerns the consolidation of new commercial practices, overcoming the traditional forms of sale and including also the rental. Another aspect of the evolution process is represented by the technological innovation and the attention to the design of the air conditioners. “In addition to the diversification of the proposals in the commercial field – says Calice – there is also the technical and digital innovation aimed at developing intelligent systems and design solutions that are increasingly functional to the well-being of the individual, in full respect of the environment. This is our mission”.