BSH: partnership with Loxone


The BSH Group has announced the partnership between Home Connect and Loxone: thanks to the new interface that combines Loxone smart automation and Home Connect technology, the smart appliances of the Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Gaggenau brands can be fully integrated into the Loxone automation, ensuring better use of energy, more convenience and more safety. Loxone’s intelligent automation has the Miniserver at the heart of its technology, a central control unit responsible for managing the automation of buildings and homes in terms of safety, comfort and energy efficiency. The Loxone Miniserver considers the entire energy situation of the building in its decisions, optimizing the use. Today there are buildings that produce their own energy through a photovoltaic system, a wind turbine or other renewable energies. One choice may be not to feed the self-generated electricity into the grid but to use it for example to start the washing machine, dryer and other appliances. Thanks to the integration with Home Connect, the Miniserver takes over this control, for example by delaying the start of a dishwasher program in order to use its own electricity when available. The Miniserver can turn on up to twelve devices during the load peaks and users can prioritize the energy use. If the user have an electric vehicle, it’s possible to specify a time within which it should be charged, and the Miniserver will control the building’s energy use so that the vehicle is ready for use at the desired time. In addition, with the recent 12.1 update, the Loxone Miniserver also features a load manager, which monitors the electric current load in the building and thus protects against possible overloading of the power lines. Furthermore, with 3 clicks on the Loxone touch button when leaving the home, it is possible to activate the “Leave home” function: the Miniserver activates the alarm system, lowers the heating if necessary, checks and informs if doors and windows are closed. And, thanks to the connection with Home Connect, it is now also able to switch off the household appliances when the residents are away.