Dishwashers: the most innovative technologies of Beko’s Beyond range

Detail of the Beko BDFN36640XA dishwasher, Beyond bPRO500 series.

The new freestanding dishwashers of the Beko Beyond range are realized in two series: bPRO500 and b300. Among the most innovative technologies, there is AutoDose thanks to which the dishwasher doses the correct amount of detergent and brightener based on the selected program and the soiling level. With a single refill of the tank it is possible to carry out up to 23 washing cycles. Furthermore, thanks to the CornerIntense technology, the three-arm rotating sprayer moves in a circular way, reaching every corner of the lower basket for thorough cleaning. In addition, the HygieneIntense technology cleans the dishes at a high temperature by generating steam in the tub. The temperature of the main washing is 60°C, followed by an additional final cycle of hot water at 70°C. Thanks to this technology, 99.9% of viruses and bacteria are eliminated from the dishes. The SelfDry function, on the other hand, automatically opens the door at the end of the cycle, optimizing the drying and saving energy. Finally, the 3-position Acrobat system helps to place the dishes in the best way, allowing maximum load flexibility. This system allows user to position the upper basket in three different positions.