Worldwide semiconductor market: 2021 results and 2022 outlook


As reported by WSTS, global semiconductor market sales were US$ 556 billion in 2021, an increase of 26.2% from 2020. This reflects significant growth across all major product categories. The largest growth contributors were the Analog category with 33.1%, followed by Memory with 30.9% and Logic with 30.8%. Sensors and Discrete semiconductors showed a growth rate in the range of 28%. Growth was somewhat lower in the Micro category, at 15.1%, and Optoelectronics at 7.4%. In 2021, America’s region showed a very strong 27.4% growth, Europe showed a market increase of 27.3% and APAC of 26.5%, while Japan showed a below-average growth rate at 19.8%. The worldwide semiconductor market is expected to increase by 10.4% in 2022 which corresponds to sales of US$ 613.5 billion. Market growth is being driven by the Sensors category with 17.2%, followed by Logic with 17.1% and Analog with 14.1%. The lowest market growth is expected for the Memory category with 1.1%. However, significant regional differences are expected for 2022. By far the strongest growth is expected for Americas (16.4%), while lower growth rates are expected in Europe (10.8%), Japan (9.7%) and APAC (8.3%).