Power board for ovens by Gitronica


Gitronica proposes the power board for ovens. This solution presents the following characteristics: insulated AC/DC, with low voltage power supply of unit control, standard configuration, analogue and digital sensors, electrically insulated from the electrical network; microcontroller for basic control of the oven; management of alternating loads with cavity temperature control through fully programmable PID; NTC/PT1000 temperature probe management; SW management of temperature control system malfunction in fault conditions; water load reading control (Flow meter); meat probe reading control; power load reading; real time clock with backup of time and date without the presence of a power supply network; conformity to Ta 105°C / UL. Below the other technical features:
-Input: input voltage 90V – 264V (50-60Hz); 10 AC/DC inputs for temperature sensors.
-Output: insulated output voltage 5V; insulated output voltage 12V; 4 X 16A relay outputs; 4 X 10A relay outputs; 1 triac output for light control.
-Mechanical dimensions: 10mm x 110mm.
-Standards: IEC 60730-1; IEC 60730-2-9; UL 60730-1; UL 60730-2-9.
-Additional note: UL certification for SW class B.