Tecnocompact: high performance in a small space


Tecnocompact is a compact professional oven, developed and produced by Tecnoinox, which allows users to save space without reducing performance. The electric combined oven, with GN1/1 crosswise trays, is capable of guaranteeing maximum control over the cooking programs even in narrow and crowded kitchens, where managing the workflows is very important. The space saving is equal to -27% compared to a Tecnoinox TAP oven. Tecnocompact is available with 6 or 10 trays, with accessories such as the core probe and the automatic washing. In addition, the product is equipped with a highly legible color display, touch controls, push & scroll knob and LED lighting. Finally, Tecnocompact has an integrated Wi-Fi connection and complies with the requirements of the Industry 4.0 Plan.