Miele induction hobs: enhancing the product with new accessories


Miele expands its accessories for use on induction hobs. For example the tepan yaki: with the multi-layer design, the stainless-steel plate reaches high temperatures fast and supports a healthy, low-fat diet. Measuring 41 x 24.2 cm, it completely covers a PowerFlex zone. Four silicone pads on the underside ensure a secure hold on the ceramic glass screen, leaving both hands free for cooking. The Gourmet tepan yaki from Miele fits on both full-surface induction hobs and models with PowerFlex rings. This product received the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Award. Another accessory is the Gourmet griddle for indoor barbecue: it fits on all models with PowerFlex zones and full-surface induction. The undulating surface structure creates the typical char marks on food. Classic cuts of meat, vegetables or vegan ingredients cook uniformly and without the need for fat on the hand-cast aluminium griddle with its high-quality non-stick coating. A further benefit: cleaning is fast and uncomplicated. As on the tepan yaki, four small silicone pads ensure a secure stand. Finally, another accessory is the new “All Steel” set of pans.