Electrolux Group: iF Design Awards for the air purifier and stick vacuum cleaner


Electrolux UltimateHome dehumidifier/air purifier and Electrolux 800 series/AEG 8000 series cordless stick vacuum cleaner won the iF Design Awards. The UltimateHome series is a 2-in-1 dehumidifier and air purifier that provides an optimum humidity level and improved air quality. The 800/8000 series focuses on bringing effortless performance into the cordless pistol stick segment. “The design – the company explains – enables balanced weight and its sculpted ergonomic handle and telescopic tube make it a consumer-centric product”. The 800/8000 is designed to fit into the user’s home and adapt to a variety of cleaning needs. The modular design makes upgradability, repairability and recyclability simpler and more sustainable.