BORA X BO, the flex oven


The BORA X BO steam oven by Bora is a steamer and oven rolled into one appliance. “The steam extraction function is particularly unique – the company explains –. Together with the innovative activated charcoal odour filter it keeps the kitchen full of fresh air, ensures a clear view and prevents steam from escaping when the door is opened”. Other features include the BORA Smart Open automatic door pre-opening system with advanced steam extraction; the 19-inch foldable, intuitive touch display; the fully automatic cleaning function and the LED multilevel lighting which lights up all levels of the oven. Besides, the WiFi and Bluetooth-compatible steam oven also features a four-point food thermometer which is used in a variety of programmes. “The thermometer of BORA X BO – Bora adds – ensures that dishes are cooked to perfection, as the oven cuts out automatically once the food has reached the target temperature. The professional cooking performance offers perfectly even results on all levels. Through the gentle cooking process, health-conscious nutrition shifts into focus and becomes as easy as pie thanks to this new appliance. There is also the option of combining the steam oven with the BORA multi-drawer, which is also controlled via the BORA X BO”. The appliance recently received the Plus X Award for the product innovation and the “Product of the Year 2022” title.