Anti-condensate heaters for suction hoods


Flexible heaters made of carbon PET (polyester) produced by Alper open new functional application possibilities to the kitchen sector. Starting from the new technologies of induction hobs.

Alper was established in 1992 as small development core of carbon flexible heaters with a PTC effect. In few years, the company becomes a leader reality in the development of polyester and carbon heaters. Efficiency, technological development, innovation and specialization are fundamental elements for a constant growth. In Alper, quality has become a process managed, coordinated and monitored in each phase, supported by tests along manufacturing and line-end stages carried out on 100% of the production. A commitment that does not slow down productive lead times and always ensures reliable delivery terms.

Carbon flexible adhesive heating element

Alper offers an essential contribution to the design of modern kitchens for professional or domestic use, conveying heat only where needed through conduction on surfaces of various sizes and shapes, due to an innovative solution for new hobs. Due to the new induction cooking technology, suction hoods, initially cold, receive and suck the steam generated by hot food. Such steam condensates on hoods’ cold surface and creates an annoying dripping phenomenon. To remediate this phenomenon, Alper has studied flexible PET heaters, suiting suction hoods installed above induction hobs. Alper is present in modern kitchens, also in the sector of silicone heaters for hot surfaces or for drawers for heated plates, food warmers, and of PET heaters for built-in cup-warmer modules. Technologies that, if conditions enable it, do not need temperature control systems.

Application as anti-condensate on kitchen hood