Series 12 Epicure by ARC: high efficiency and elegant design


The Series 12 Epicure by ARC, brand that is part of the Sabaf Group, is characterized by burners that bring the professional level at home. A distinctive element is the horizontal Venturi which means that the component can be installed even in small spaces. The materials used for this series are cast iron, for the burner body, and brass, for the flamespreader, while the underlying part is made up of a die-casting aluminum elbow and a brass Venturi tube. The power varies depending on the size but in any case high efficiency and high performance are guaranteed. The design is appealing and there is the possibility of customization: different finishes and combinations of surface treatments are possible. Epicure is also suitable for the world of professional cooking, especially in the version with vertical Venturi. “The Series 12 Epicure burners – says Loris Gasparini, ARC’s General Manager – have been designed for those who love to cook and want to have professional tools at home, allowing them to obtain great performance and therefore great results. They are unusual-looking burners, almost all with double crown, with solid and robust materials, made to last a long time, and performances similar to those we offer to the restaurants: so a cooking lover has a serious work tool that allows him to create both simple dishes and elaborate recipes”.