Rold and Bio4Dreams: Memorandum of Understanding for the launch of BEEP Factory


Bio4Dreams and Gruppo Rold have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the creation, at MIND-Milano Innovation District, of BEEP Factory – BioEngineering Enhanced Prototyping Factory. Bio4Dreams is a privately owned incubator, certified by the Ministry of Economic Development, fully dedicated to very early-stage innovative startups in Life Sciences. The aim of BEEP Factory is to create a hub for the large number of research projects, either coming from academic research or from innovative startups R&D activity, where to find the competencies and infrastructures needed to transform a great idea in the bioengineering field into a valuable product. “In BEEP Factory, a multidisciplinary approach enables ideas to become engineered prototypes, ready to reach the market – said Alessandro Mansutti, Head of Innovation of Rold –. BEEP Factory amplifies startups potential through systematic innovation, creative mindset and leveraging emerging technologies. BEEP Factory acts as a booster for innovative solutions aiming at positively impacting on end users quality of life and society”.