ILMEC: turned small parts and electric motor shafts


ILMEC carries out third-party finishing work and assembly on turned and pressed metal parts. The company initially bought automatic lathes for the production of small metal parts, after recognizing market needs, and now boasts an extensive fleet of machines consisting of automatic multi-spindle, transfer, sliding and fixed head lathes, and centreless grinders and furnaces for heat treatment. It has a finishing department with punching machines, tangential grinders, rolling machines, tumblers and vibratory finishing machines that enable the completion of any processing that cannot be achieved by machine during the turning process. “ILMEC s.r.l – the company adds – is able to finish turned products with galvanic treatments including zinc plating, nickel plating and burnishing; heat treatments such as hardening, induction-hardening, annealing, carbonitriding and carburizing; finishing processes such as broaching, centre grinding, outer diameter and hole lapping, knurling and gear cutting; surface treatments such as vibratory finishing, sandblasting and glass-bead peening, calling on highly experienced suppliers which, over time, have shown both expertise and absolute reliability”. The main products manufactured by the company are engine shafts and electric micromotors mainly aimed at the electrical appliances and automotive sectors, as well as a wide range of small parts for other sectors.