Sipro: multi spindle winding machines


Sipro designs, manufactures and sells winding and finishing machines for the production of coils and motors. “The continuous research and innovation in products and automation systems – the company says –, studied to satisfy a wider market every time and with varied requirements, have led Sipro to be a worldwide recognized lead point in the winding field”. Among its products, Sipro realizes multi spindle winding machines.
“Our multispindle winding machines – the company explains – offer the complete automation for most bobbin winding requirements. High performances and quality are the most important items which we supply with our products”. Some features of the product are: solid design and reliability; patented spindle transmission; high speed, short cycle times; high precision; stand alone machine with operator, with automatic loading/unloading , directly integrated in automatic lines; axial/radial tag wrapping, pneumatic cutters, single wire-double wire, taping, stripping, tailstock, programmable wire tensioners, wire tension monitoring, thermobonding, etc.; PC controlled with Windows user interface; simple teach in programming; remote assistance.
Below other technical features:
BWM – NORMAL DUTY: wire diam. 0.02-0.5 [mm] – spindle no. 2..8, spindle pitch 50-80 [mm] MBL – MEDIUM DUTY: wire diam. 0.02-1.0 [mm] – spindle no. 2..18, spindle pitch 50..240 [mm] MBT – HEAVY DUTY: wire diam.0.1-2.65 [mm] – spindle no. 2..8, spindle pitch 160..480 [mm]