Miele Triflex HX2 Pro, 3in1 vacuum cleaner


The modular design makes Miele’s Triflex HX2 Pro wireless vacuum cleaner a 3in1 product, which combines suction power and quick cleaning. The central part of the product, the Power Unit, is composed of a motor unit, a rechargeable battery and a dust container, and can be positioned in 3 different points of the suction tube according to the needs. The new Digital Efficiency motor, with power increased by 60%, and the double brush supplied ensure a thorough cleaning of every surface. The HEPA AirClean Lifetime filter captures even the smallest particles and eliminates up to 99.9% of allergens. The brush is equipped with BrilliantLight, to facilitate cleaning even in the most difficult spaces and the power switch with 3 power levels allows user to select the most suitable mode for each type of floor. The double replaceable battery allows a duration of use of up to 120 minutes, making the model ideal for cleaning large surfaces (up to 150 square meters).