The key components and technologies of Sharp UD-P20E-W dehumidifier


Sharp UD-P20E-W is a dehumidifier equipped with technologies that allow to use the product effectively and comfortably. The appliance (20 liters per day capacity and 3.8 liters water tank) has the Auto Restart function and a control panel with LED display with icons. The swinging louver enables dry air to be spread evenly to all areas of the room. Besides, a fan is used to draw damp air into the dehumidifier where is it directed onto the evaporator. Water will condensate on the evaporator surface and drop down into the water tank. The now cooled air is then directed through a condenser where it is warmed before exiting through the exhaust vent. The dehumidifier is designed not only for the home comfort but also to be useful in case of allergies, as many allergens and elements that trigger allergies, such as dust mites and mold, thrive in humid environments.