SuperOven Model 1S by Unox Casa: professional technology in a domestic oven


Winner at the Archiproducts Design Awards 2022, SuperOven Model 1S by Unox Casa brings professional technology to the domestic channel. The oven allows user to carry out any type of cooking, even those that are not possible in domestic ovens such as grilling, frying, steam cooking, sous vide, smoking, roasting and dehydration. Thanks to the sensors that continuously monitor the percentage of humidity inside the cooking chamber, it is possible to cook food evenly and 3 times faster than a normal oven. The appliance is equipped with a large and intuitive digital panel capable of activating over 400 automatic cooking processes. Other pluses of the product are: integrated ventilation system that eliminates odors and vapors with professional activated carbon filters and automatic washing with a solution of water and delicate and ecological detergent patented by Unox. In addition, the user can take advantage of the digital platform Cook Like a Chef.