Falmec Shelf: Special Mention at the 2023 German Design Award


Falmec Shelf won the Special Mention at the 2023 German Design Award in the Excellent Product Design Kitchen category. The appliance, from the company’s new Elements collection, is an innovative self-suction solution designed specifically to be incorporated into kitchen projects. Thanks to the Multi-Air technology, Shelf incorporates a very thin structure of only 10 cm in thickness, equipped with a removable vane to increase smoke suction capacity. The innovative technology retains high performance but with an extremely reduced volume. This element with hood function can be enriched with additional modules to create a versatile wall hanging furniture system: the 120 cm suction module can be attached to the right or left of other shelves with a width of either 60 or 90 cm. By responding to multiple stylistic contexts, usage needs, and installation types, this new concept transforms its fundamental environmentally friendly function into a modular and multifunctional structure that is fully integrated into the kitchen. Its underside can be equipped with an integrated LED strip with a dynamic light that illuminates the worktop along the entire length of the Shelf. Optional accessories, such as ladles, spices, phones, tablets and other tools to organise the kitchen, can also be housed here. The product is made of black painted steel with a black satin-finished aluminium profile that enhances the pure and elegant design.