Dyson: research on texture and finishes


Dyson launched its new haircare products in Periwinkle Blue-Rosé colour, realized in a limited edition for the last Christmas period. This new style proposal has been designed by the company’s engineers who work on colors, materials and finishes. As the Dyson color range evolves, the haircare category continues to provide an experimental basis for the engineers. The new Dyson Supersonic in Blue Periwinkle-Rosé colour was born from the search for unique finishes: the new porcelain-like texture was obtained thanks to numerous experiments, to evoke the smooth effect of the unglazed ceramic. The modern ceramic was developed during the early period of the space exploration and today is widely used in the aeronautical and medical industries due to its smooth, yet extremely resistant properties. Its heat protection qualities are in line with the intelligent heat control technology of the Supersonic hair dryer, the Airwrap multi-styler and the Corrale hair straightener, preventing the exposure to the extreme heat while styling. Each of these devices is equipped with a glass thermistor that measures the temperature up to 100 times per second.