Spival: high efficiency nozzles

Spival HE1.0 Hight Efficency nozzle.

Spival realizes various types of nozzles. The HE1.0 Hight Efficency nozzle has been specially designed for vacuum cleaners complying to the Eco-design/Energy Label rules, to ensure the best efficiency and lowest energy consumption with the best pushing force to efficiency ratio. It is a 270 mm wide nozzle and has four non marking soft wheels. “Several neck diameters are already available – the company explains –. The nozzle is fully customizable: its cover is not necessary for nozzle function so it is really easy to have an OEM version and the pedal is a cover of the real activator so it is also easily customizable”. Besides, the combi nozzles mod. 90 HE and mod. 95 HE are special versions of the 90/95 combi nozzles without wheels tested in Spival’s S-Lab to the Eco-design/Energy Label rules. They are available in 2 different setups and with a wide choice of different turning joints to fit every kind of wands from Ø30 to Ø44 mm and all kind of vacuum cleaners.