The technologies of Miele MasterLine dishwashers for the office


The new commercial dishwashers from Miele‘s MasterLine series have a fresh water system that takes in fresh water for each phase of the programme and uses high temperatures to remove soil and reliably deal with viruses and bacteria. These models are ideal for office kitchens. Thanks to their large touch display, all models from the MasterLine series are intuitive to use. M Touch Basic and M Touch Flex represent two sets of controls giving fast access to favourites and allowing individual adjustment to programmes. The M Touch Flex has a colour display. The new dishwashers remove 99.999% of most bacteria, even in the Super Short programme with its cycle time of only 5 minutes. For verifiable virucidal efficacy, the Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology – InFluenc_H has awarded this series its Virus Seal of Approval in Gold. All models offer ample space on two rack levels. Matching baskets guarantee a secure hold for crockery, even larger items such as pizza plates. There is also a suitable basket for up to 16 bottles or other items such as thermos flasks or vases, guaranteeing thorough cleaning on the inside. Several models feature Miele’s Dry+ technology. This active drying system extends programmes by 8 minutes and dispenses with the need to use a tea-towel. Without the least manual intervention, plates, cups and cutlery are ready for use again, even if they consist entirely or partly of plastics. The new MasterLine dishwashers connect to the Miele MOVE online portal. Detergents can be ordered via a direct link to the Miele Professional shop from a PC, smartphone or tablet. Besides, error messages can, if the operator so wishes, be sent direct to a designated contact in Miele Service or to a certified Miele service agent, without having to pick up the phone.