Technical Consumer Goods in Italy: -2,7% in 2022

Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

After a 2021 characterized by very positive results (+9.2%) for the Technical Consumer Goods market, 2022 closes with a negative sign: according to GfK, sales in Italy saw a contraction of -2.7% and the total value of the market at the end of the year stood at 17 billion euro. On the other hand, comparing the 2022 results with those of the previous years, the trend is still positive: in fact, the Tech market reached +6% compared to 2020 (value) and +16% compared to 2019. A growth certainly also influenced by the increase in prices, given Italian inflation at +8.1% in 2022. If the market as a whole slows down, however there are sectors that also in 2022 recorded a positive trend compared to 2021. In particular, Home Comfort and Small Domestic Appliances achieved growth of 25.3% and 3.8% respectively. Major Domestic Appliances, on the other hand, recorded a drop of -2.8%.