Recycling and reuse: Samsung’s Re+ program experience

Luiz Xavier, Head of Customer Satisfaction team at Samsung Brazil office

Samsung’s environmental strategy resulted in the Re+ program in Brazil: it is a recycling, awareness and educational initiative spearheaded by Luiz Xavier, Head of Customer Satisfaction team at Samsung Brazil office. He’s in charge of all areas of customer service, from planning, implementing and improving to creating positive customer experience. “Modern consumers want more than a quality product or a friendly customer service experience – Xavier explains –. Instead, they want to support a company that protects people and the planet”. The Re+ program’s mission is to avoid e-waste go to waste. “In general, our haste to get new gear and our hesitancy to then part with our old items are what’s making discarded electronics the world’s fastest-growing category of domestic waste”, Xavier adds. The Re+ program first arrived in Brazil in 2017 and offered consumers a free, eco-conscious and practical way to recycle or dispose of their electronic products and home appliances. This isn’t just for Samsung devices, either. Re+ accepts items from any brand, including batteries, cell phones, notebooks, refrigerators, washing machines and other broken, used or unused products. “Samsung – Xavier says – set up about 350 collection bins for small items of all brands in Samsung Electronics Stores and Samsung Experience Stores in Brazil”. For larger electronic products, such as televisions, refrigerators and washing machines, consumers could schedule pick-ups at their homes. Luiz Xavier announced that, as of the first half of 2022, Samsung achieved a 190% growth in the number of items collected compared to the same period in 2021. “More than promoting recycling and the correct disposal of electronics and reducing the impacts of technology on the environment, our mission with Re+ is to increase consumer awareness of the importance of a complete and responsible cycle of relationship with products – he says –. Despite the significant results achieved in 2022, there is still room for improvement and further engaging Brazilians in the recycling movement”. As a result, Luiz Xavier and his team participated in education programs at schools and launched various campaigns and events to raise awareness of the importance of recycling, ensuring that future generations will grow up appreciating the planet and the role they play in preserving it.