The Smart Home market in Italy continues to grow

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

As reported by the Internet of Things Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico Milano, in 2022 the Smart Home market in Italy has continued to grow: +18% compared to 2021, reaching 770 million euros. A higher growth rate than in other European countries, higher than that recorded in Spain (+10%, 530 million euros), the United Kingdom (4 billion euros, +4.1%) and France (1.3 billion, +2%), while Germany is down (-5%, 3.7 billion). If the percentage growth places Italy at the top of the ranking of European countries, the same cannot be said by looking at per capita expenditure, equal to €13/inhabitant. Italy remains far from the USA (59.6 €/inhabitant), the United Kingdom (61.6 €/inhabitant) and Germany (44.5 €/inhabitant), while it is close to France (19.5 €/inhabitant). The Italian market is led by connected boilers, thermostats and air conditioners for heating and air conditioning (155 million euros), followed by security solutions (150 million euros). Smart home appliances are in the third place, with 140 million euros (18% of the market, +4%), a sector characterized by the progressive expansion of the offer, with the main manufacturers now presenting the entire range that is connected.