Siemens: new iQ700 ovens with Artificial Intelligence


The new Siemens iQ700 ovens represent the Intelligent Kitchen promoted by the company: in fact, these appliances combine minimal design and latest generation technologies. Artificial Intelligence enhances and completes the brand’s technologies to ensure high performance and flexibility. In detail, the iQ700 ovens of the premium studioLine range, with touch control panel, are equipped with the roastingSensor Plus which measures the temperature of the meat in three different points, while the bakingSensor Plus monitors the humidity level in the oven during the cooking process in a fully automatic way. Furthermore, the fullSteam Plus function combines steam and heat to cook food up to 120°C and up to 20% faster than with the fullSteam function set at 100°C. The strength point of the studioLine iQ700 ovens is the browning sensor, with which users can select their preferred browning level on a scale of one to five. Guided by a camera and with the support of the Artificial Intelligence, the appliance is able to cook food in the way desired by each user. Once the chosen browning level is reached, the oven switches off automatically and sends a notification via the Home Connect app. As regards to the iQ700 ovens of the Line range, these products have a high resolution TFT-Touch display, which allows navigation on a color and intuitive screen. Furthermore, the cookControl Pro function, which brings together various assisted cooking options, is designed to learn and follow the user’s tastes and needs through AI. This smart technology, when the oven is connected to WiFi, is able to share information with the entire Home Connect network.