Temperature probes for dishwasher, washing machine and dryer by Control HTP


Among the products realized by Control HTP, there are the temperature probes for dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. These products guarantee an accurate temperature measurement of water and air from -40°C up to 145°C. The NTC sensor converts water/air temperature value in electrical signals. Control HTP is an Italian company that produce components for high-tech applications since 1981. “There are four key moments – the company explains – that characterize the development of our products: HW and SW design; prototyping; production; and testing, carried out with automatic and certified systems. Control HTP addresses to different realities thanks to its production ranging from the smallest and most personalized lot, up to lots of millions of pieces. Thanks to its structure the company guarantees flexibility in the requests, in the production, in the modifications and delivery times of the products, making available its know-how and supporting the customer in all phases”.