Davy: combined brushes for vacuum cleaners


Davy’s production includes combined brushes, also customized. In detail, the company produces brushes combined with pedal for vacuum cleaners and electric brooms. “Used for vacuum cleaning on different surfaces – the company explains –, the combined Davy brush is equipped with a pedal for extracting the bristles; the pedal is made of thermoplastic material, designed to be as strong as the steel used by our competitors but much lighter, so as to reduce the operator’s fatigue while resisting the torsion effort; always to increase the comfort of use, the joint of the connection is both swivel and articulated, so as to ensure maximum maneuverability. The plastics of each component of the device are differentiated to ensure resistance to wear and solidity of the whole; on the lower side, to conclude, these brushes are equipped with an anti-wear steel plate that facilitates sliding, provided with velvets to collect the fur of the animals from the floor”.