Electrolux presents the new 700 cordless vacuum cleaners

Animal EP71AB14UG vacuum cleaner

The new 700 range of cordless vacuum cleaners from Electrolux combines efficient suction, an ultra-lightweight structure weighing only 2.2 kg and an autonomy of 50 minutes on a single battery charge. Furthermore, these products have been designed with particular attention to sustainability: they are in fact made with 60% recycled plastic. The Hygienic EP71B14WET model combines suction and washing: it is equipped with a PowerPro Mop brush and a 5-layer filtering system. The Hygienic EP71HB14S version is instead characterized by a special brush for cleaning beds and sofas. Besides, thanks to the PetPro+ brush, the Animal EP71AB14UG vacuum cleaner easily removes pet hair. Finally, the Ultimate EP71UB14DB model is equipped with the automatic mode, which adjusts the suction power according to the type of surface.